MISSHA Jin Mo Anti-Hair Loss

MISSHA Jin Mo Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner

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Description: Conditioner with anti-hair loss ingredients and special care therapy to help strengthen hair and hair roots, improving scalp condition and thickening hair.

What is does: Strengthening Hair Roots & Preventing Hair Loss Provides anti-hair loss benefit by strengthening hair roots and taking care of weak and losing hair. Improving thin hair Improves thin hair and calms down sensitive scalp, making hair neat, clean and fresh. Providing nutrition and elasticity Provides nutrition to rough hair, making it lustrous. Special oriental herbal ingredients of Jin Mo Ja Yang Ingredients such as Angelica Root, Green Tea and Castor Bean were widely used as effective medicine for hair. Special oriental herbal care line of Jin Mo Ja Yang containing these ingredients makes hair and scalp healthy.

Good for those who: who have thin hair who lose their hair due to stress and etc. who have scalp trouble and itchiness who want to take care of their hair with concentrated oriental herbal ingredients who think anti-hair loss Conditioner does not have enough washing effect